The Effortless way journal

A journal is an act of self-care, self-discovery, a conversation with the soul.

What a difference waking up to days and feeling everything is going right. Things feel easy and I love how I now can't help but smile.

This journal is designed to do just that.

It helps with setting the tone for the day.

This journal was created especially for the people who transitioned or are transitioning to a plant based diet.

Keeping the mind in order is key to every accomplishment.

When people are in a hurry, when they are set to work and work, the mind is in a chaotical state and it lacks the harmony needed to create an easy day.


Create Awareness...

When we are writing down things, it makes us think. It creates a level of awareness that is, in my opinion, hard to get only by thinking of the those things and gives people a real picture of what's happening. It creates order in your mind.

HELP Process & Tracks Emotions

To process the emotions is crucial to get out of our mind and into our heart. Plus tracking emotions can give people the possibility to know themselves more and helps them change behaviors, patterns, and open the possibility to get different results.

Journaling Cultivates GRATITUDE

It yields incredible benefits for the mental and physical health. It keeps order in the mind and as a result, helps the individual make better decisions and gives the day a relaxed tone. Suddenly things start to feel easy, and this is the stepping stone to creating the life you love. Plus journaling helps people sleep better.

I used to live silently with all those thoughts spinning in my mind...

I lacked clarity and wasn't sure anymore if I could even trust myself with the decisions I was making...

I was in a state of mental hurry and I could see that in my results - they started to be not so great.


My name is...

Sheri Goodman Graham

I am a Plant Based Dietitian and Lifestyle Coach

who has practiced yoga for 30 years.

After I started journaling, I started to get better results and my mind was finally clear. I had more energy, stopped judging myself, I became aware of my own limiting beliefs, pounds dropped and I started to love myself more.

I feel empowered, serene and even my productivity increased.

I quickly realized that the way I journalized was different and it really helped me transform journaling into an enjoyable process, not just a boring routine.

I discovered so many things about myself - it's mind blowing. And all my clients who transitioned to a plant based diet and used the journal told me how easy it is for them to keep on going with the new lifestyle.

It helps me have more compassion for the people around me.

It helps me stay motivated.

It helps me stay focused on my goals and it keeps me moving forward.

THe journal iS an accountability partner on THE PLANT BASED lifestyle



If you are a writing down person, you'll be able to print every day's journal, and start journaling right away.

If you love writing on your laptop, you can log into the members area, download it to your laptop and start your journaling experience.

I made it EASY for you

You get access to a journaling guide

An easy to understand, step-by-step guide is available in the members area.

21 Days individual journal Pages

I prepared a journaling sheet for each of the 21 days with writing prompts, so that you can just go and write down the responses for that day.

Each day starts with an inspirational quote to KEEP YOU MOTIVATED.

It takes only 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in

the evening.


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A Journaling Guide + 21 Days Individual Journaling Pages